About Lefty

Lefty is a slow-fashion brand by Izzy Kross that specializes in marbled fabric and garments.

All of our prints are made using the Ebru marbling technique - an ancient art form, originating in Turkey and Central Asia, that requires a thickened water to float paints on in order to create each print.

It is impossible to create the same print twice, making each piece one-of-a-kind.

Perfectly imperfect maximalist pieces for your wardrobe or home.


Lefty is committed to low/no-waste production. Using existing fabrics, printing, and repurposing them, allows us to lower our impact on the planet while still creating something new and exciting.

We only print what we need for our small, curated garment runs.

All of the scraps from production are saved, sewn together, and repurposed again.

Additionally, we do not use hang-tags on our clothing as another extension of our commitment to sustainable practices in the fashion industry.