Create a custom colorway for your next Lefty garment.

Please read the following information before submitting your request below.

  • Please provide the garment name and size for which you would like a custom colorway.
  • Please describe the colors and style of print (our classic splatter pattern, mod orbs, flowers, hearts, or swirled) that you would like your garment to have.
  • We will confirm that we received your custom request via e-mail, where you will be asked to share photo examples of your desired colorway.
  • Please note: Custom requests are made during the production run of your chosen garment. We will provide you with a time frame for when you will receive your custom piece in your confirmation e-mail.
  • When your item is ready to purchase, we will e-mail you a private link.
  • If a custom is not purchased within 1 week of receiving the link, we will put it in our store for other customers to buy.
  • Please note that while we do our best to accomplish your desired colors, there may be some variation in the final product.
  • If you are requesting a custom garment, we will respond to you with a confirmation that we can, in fact, make your request along with a quote for the project.

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